Memberships are a great way to streamline your experience! You can just leave the check out to us! Memberships make your trip to the spa easy, breezy, and stress-free. You can also upgrade your perks, and share them with friends.

Our memberships have annual and monthly payment options. The annual fee will always be less than 12 individual months. You can only enroll in our Memberships in person because there is a contract. Memberships start on the 1st of each month, and auto-renew for the monthly subscriptions. We require a credit card to be on account but will only use it for memberships or cancellation fees when applicable.

Bikini Club

$50 enrollment, $99/mo

The Bikini Club membership is for those who want to come in more often to get the hair reduction benefit of regular sugaring. Regular sugaring can lead to permanent hair reduction, so consistent visits lead to better results and baby-smooth skin.

  • Unlimited Bikini Sugaring of any style
  • 10% off All other services
  • Free Brow or Underarm sugar with your first member appointment.

First time Brazilians not covered by the membership.

Spa Sauna Membership

$50 enrollment, $99/mo

The Spa Sauna Membership is designed to maximize your relaxation. Each membership appointment includes a mask and aromatherapy. You can select which mask and essential oil you would like for each appointment. The membership gives you one 30 minute sauna session each week. We recommend planning to be at the spa for at least 45 minutes per appointment. You also get 10% off any other services.

Sport Sauna Membership

$50 enrollment, $99/mo

The Sport Sauna membership is for those who want to get the most benefit from the far infra-red technology, without all the frills. This membership gives you two 15 minute appointments each week. Perfect for the days when you don’t go to the gym. The sauna can ease the aches of a past work out, and raise you metabolism too! There are many benefits, read the info page here to see them all. Also includes 10% off any other services.

Microcurrent Maintenance Membership

$50 enrollment, $99/mo

Just like exercise, once you get in shape, you have to continue to work out to maintain your fitness.  Once you have achieved the results from your Microcurrent Series that you are happy with, this membership gives you a cost-effective way to maintain your results. The Membership Fee includes 2 Microcurrent sessions per month, plus 10% off any retail purchases in our Boutique or Online store.

Glow Membership


$50 enrollment, $99/mo

Did you know that LED has been proven to speed wound healing, increase Collagen production, and even fight Acne?  It is the perfect zero-downtime treatment to give your skin a boost any time, and now you can do it any time you have a spare 30 minutes!  Just book a time online, and we will set aside our beautiful Glow Room for you.  At your first self-serve appointment, you will get an orientation on what to do and how to use the machine.  You can take advantage of LED as often as you like, since it does no damage to your skin as you receive all the amazing benefits. If you are considering using the LED as often as 3 times per month, you might want to consider our LED Membership.  A single monthly payment and you can come in to use the LED as often as twice a week.

  • -8 Self-Serve LED sessions per month
  • -10% off all Retail purchases

Sugar Pros

$50 enrollment, $99/mo

The Sugar Pros club is for those clients who are managing hormonal facial hair growth on the lower half of the face. Lower face includes the upper lip, chin, jawline and cheeks. Sugaring this type of hair more often helps to refine the texture of the hair and maintain beautiful glowing skin.

  • Unlimited Lower Face sugaring
  • 10% off All other services
  • Free Brow or Underarm sugar with your first member appointment

Pamper Plus Membership

$50 enrollment, $149/mo

The Pamper Plus Membership gets you one deluxe monthly facial. It is a 90 minute service including the facial of your choice, one add-on (Microcurrent, LED or Firmage), and one upgrade. At the time of your first member appointment you can choose between a free Brow sugaring or free Lip & Chin sugaring. In addition to these membership perks you also get 10% off any retail you purchase.