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Common Questions

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a gentle hair removal process that removes hair from the root in the natural direction of hair growth, with little to no irritation to the skin. The sugar itself is all-natural sugar, lemon and water, cooked like a caramel into paste form. It is kept below body temperature so you never need to worry about getting burned! The practitioner applies the sugar with a gloved hand and flicks it off in the direction of hair growth, sliding the hairs out of the follicle with no breakage and minimal discomfort. You can find more info on sugaring here.

Do you take Amex?

Here at Sugar Spa we accept electronic payments such as Apple Pay, all major credit cards including American Express, and cash. We do not accept personal checks.

Do I really need to read the website?

Yes! Especially if you’ve never been sugared or waxed before. There is a wealth of knowledge here and we want you to be informed. Half of what we do is education about skin care. We will of course talk to you about it in person, but if you have a starting point then we came make your experience all the more personalized. Also feel free to give us a call at 206-637-9979.

Will this hurt?

Everyone will feel some amount of discomfort during sugaring, because we are removing hair from the root. Every part of the procedure is done with client comfort in mind, as well as the most effective removal of the hair. Properly applied sugaring technique results in only a momentary discomfort of the hair being removed from the follicle, which is somewhat similar to tweezing. The skin itself is never compromised and therefore discomfort is considerably reduced when compared to other hair removal methods. You can find more info on sugaring here.

Do I have to put a credit card on file?

We do keep credit cards on file, but only use them in case of last minute cancellations and for memberships. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you have to cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice there is a 50% cost-of-appointment fee. If you do not cancel, and don’t show up for your appointment the fee is the full cost of the appointment. We will consider waiving this fee for extenuating circumstances and/or events outside your control.

What is the difference between Sugaring and Sugar Waxing?

Sugaring and sugar waxing only have one thing in common, the substance used to adhere to the hair and help remove it is sugar based. Aside from that they are completely different techniques. Sugar waxing is the same technique as waxing, it uses strips to remove swathes of hair. Sugaring is what we do here.For a more detail explination click here.


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