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Skin So Sweet!

At Seattle Sugar Spa we believe that every part of your body should receive the love and attention each area deserves. We encourage our clients to treat their body as a whole system and not just focus solely on their face. Our philosophy around skin health is holistic in nature. We believe the rewards of a healthy glow come from complete care of the body.

We exclusively use Authentic Aesthetics Skincare for our facials. Authentic Aesthetics is based on natural ingredients with a minimum of preservatives, with a focus on only active and necessary ingredients. Our belief is that in order to make the skin healthier, you should support and nurture the skin’s natural functions and healing ability. We will never compromise the skin in order to try and achieve a temporary result, we treat for the long term health of the skin.

As such, we do not offer peels or damaging treatments, all of our facials are hands on and use proven products and massage techniques to reveal your most healthy, glowing skin!

New Facial Options!

30-75 minutes
We believe every client is unique, and every unique client’s skin can vary from month to month. So every facial experience will be fully customized within the selected style to address our client’s specific needs and concerns on any given day.

Quick Facial (30 min) – Come in for a quick, relaxing facial. Make a day of it with our sauna and body treatments, or just pop in on your lunch break, the Quick Facial only takes a half hour.

Calming Facial (60 min) – Whether it’s your skin or your mind that needs calming this facial is for you. Designed for those with reactive or sensitive, or rosacea prone skin; this facial is meant to leave both you and your skin feeling calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Flawless Nourishing Facial (60 min) – Treat your skin right and it will look good all your days. This nourishing and balancing facial is for normal or combination skin.Take care of your skin now, and it will take care of you in the future.

Spotless Deep Clean Facial (75 min) – This facial is designed for those who have blemish prone skin. Deep pore cleansing and detoxifying masque will leave you squeaky clean and glowing. We will work with you to find what works best for your skin, without resorting to harsh chemicals.

Timeless Anti-Aging Facial (75 min) – Come in for a facial that will give your skin the tools it needs to look its best! This hydrating and anti-aging facial will leave your skin soft and glowing. Our in-house line of products has been developed for long term results without the harsh synthetic ingredients you don’t need.

Keep in mind, if you are interested in adding on any of our Add-On Treatments, it will add time to your appointment. Please schedule following engagements accordingly.

Back to Basics

45 minutes
All the amazing benefits of a facial, customized for your back! Get ready for the special event gown or beach time with a thorough a double cleanse of ph balancing products and a clay refinement masque. This prepares the skin for extractions if necessary. Hungarian Wellness Mud will draw out the last of the congestion and reduce any redness or inflammation. After removal of the mud, you will be treated to a calming cream application and scalp massage.

Facial Add-On

High Frequency (5 min) – zap those pesky pustules with High Frequency energy. This treatment helps kill bacteria and reduce inflammation in active breakouts.

Facial Upgrades

Firmage (15 min) – Add our Firming Anti-Aging Treatment to your facial.

LED (15 min) – We have several options for LED treatments. Consult with your service provider to choose which option best suits your desires.

Microcurrent (30 min) – Add our Microcurrent Firming Treatment to your facial.

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