Washington State has extended its Shelter in Place Order. We are hopeful that this is the last extension. We are expected to resume all operation on Monday, May 4, 2020.

It goes without saying, but we have been significantly impacted as a small business with one location. Our service offerings are only available in-person and that means we have had extremely limited options to support ourselves through this crisis — mostly in the form of applying for business loans through the SBA.

We want to remind everyone that we value every single one of you. Your words of encouragement and support mean the world to us. We appreciate any offers to help us during this difficult time.

We have been doing our best to support our staff and make our bills as best we can. Your purchases of memberships, email gift cards, and product orders are keeping us going. Every purchase helps keep our promises to stand strong in this community.

With that said, please consider making a purchase that will bring you joy and that will also help support us. It’s a win-win. Here are the ways you can help: PURCHASE AN EGIFT CARD | PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP (Send an Email to Olivia) | SHOP OUR PRODUCT LINE (LAUNCHING April 15th!)

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Olivia + The Sugar Spa Team: Dominika, Andrea, Lily, Colleen, Gill, and Ruby


Sugaring For All

At Sugar Spa, we believe Skin is Skin and Smooth is Smooth. Our one and only goal is to make our clients look and feel their best.

The reasons for desiring hair removal are as varied and unique as each individual, therefore we approach each client with attention to their own goals and reasons. All are welcome in our professional, pleasant, and non-judgemental atmosphere.

Waxing, shaving, and incorrect tweezing can cause varying levels of damage to the skin. Sugaring is a proven method of hair removal without compromising your skin — or your plans!

Be smooth and safe, book with us today!


Remove hair from everywhere with minimal trauma to the skin and maximum smoothness. Hair stays away for weeks, yet also grows back thinner, finer, and eventually disappears.

Our Pricing
Full Face + Eyebrows $84
First Time Brazilian $99
Back + Shoulders $119
Beard Shaping $74
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Why Sugar?
Sugaring is a gentle hair removal process that removes hair from the root in the natural direction of hair growth, with little to no irritation to the skin.
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Skin Care

We believe that every part of your body should receive the love and attention it deserves. We encourage clients to treat their body as a whole system and not just focus solely on one area.

Our Pricing
Flawless Facial $129
Spotless Facial $159
Microcurrent Treatment $89
Firmage Treatment $64
Leg Glow $44
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Why AA Skincare?
Authentic Aesthetics is based on natural ingredients with a minimum of preservatives, with a focus on only active and necessary ingredients.
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FIR Sauna

When far infrared heat penetrates a person’s body, he or she can experience a refreshed mind, relaxed mood, reduction of aches and pains, improved metabolism, and systemic regularity leading to an overall feeling of wellness.

Our Pricing
Sauna 15 Min $19
Sauna 30 Min $34
Membership $99
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Why Far Infrared?
The radiant heat of a far infrared sauna is efficient because it warms the sauna bather directly. The body absorbs as much as 93% of the heat, producing a vast array of health benefits.
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Olivia Brown-Latham, LE CBP

Founder | Sugarist | Master Level

Olivia is a powerhouse of experience, drive, passion, and competency. Over the last two decades, her treatment rooms have been graced with the presence of some of Hollywood’s elite, her expertise has been featured in InStyle Magazine, and she has served as a global educator in her field.

She is an international body sugaring educator and skin wellness instructor; bringing the highest standard of professional body sugaring hair removal to the international esthetics community.

Olivia’s professional skincare line, Authentic Aesthetics, is used in all skincare services and is available for purchase at Sugar Spa in Edmonds, Washington.

⁣Had a sugaring appointment here and it was a wonderful experience. The sugarist was very skilled and did an incredible job. She was quick and confident! I would definitely recommend and will be back for sure!
Rosemary R.

No matter what sugarist I see, they are always so professional and amazing at what they do. I highly recommend Sugar Spa over any other sugaring establishment. The rooms are clean, neat and comfortable. I will definitely be a life-long client!
Kenzie G.

They take the time to be sure you are happy with the results of your services. Olivia’s skincare line contains special formulas that meet the needs of any skin type. Everything feels professionally structured and, yet, so custom to the client.
Daria D.


128 4th Avenue South, Suite #102
Edmonds, Washington 98020

+1 206.637.9979

Monday 10 AM - 5 PM
Tuesday 9 AM - 9 PM
Wednesday 9 AM - 9 PM
Thursday 9 AM - 9 PM
Friday 9 AM - 3 PM
Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM
Sunday We Relax


Hair Removal
Smooth with sugar.

Skin Care
The natural way to glow.

Far Infrared Sauna
Heal through heat.

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