About Seattle Sugar Spa

We are a boutique spa with a honed focus on Sugaring Hair Removal and Skin and Body Care. Our staff is specifically trained in techniques and products that bring out the best in our clients skin, without compromising the long term health of the skin or body.

Seattle Sugar Spa is the brainchild of Olivia Brown-Latham. Throughout her 20+ years in the Spa and Beauty industry, Olivia has had a constant focus on providing the highest quality service to her clients, and the highest quality education to other spa professionals. From those two desires, the idea for a new paradigm in the Spa industry was born. Provide a spa that both gave professionals a proven and nurturing environment to grow their careers, while simultaneously providing clients with the highest quality service available.

You can find more info on sugaring here.

Our Philosophy

The Beauty Industry is an ever changing and evolving business. Scientific advancements mean that we have to constantly change and grow along with the industry. Our goal is to bring you the most advanced, yet scientifically sound, treatments in the industry. The basis of all of our treatments is the belief that in order to have healthy skin, you need to treat it in a healthy way!

We will never provide damaging or aggressive services that give only a temporary result. Your long-term health is our goal, whether removing the hair, treating your skin concerns, or mitigating your stress and tension with a massage. Our commitment to you is that we will never represent a product or process that we don’t believe in and use ourselves!

Spa Proficiency Program (SPP)

About Our Program

In a continually changing industry, there is often pressure on service providers to add new and untested methods, procedures, and products to their service menus. Due to this, many providers never achieve the depth of knowledge and education necessary to truly master any of them.

At Seattle Sugar Spa, we do things differently. Our unique Spa Proficiency Program (SPP) seeks to identify each provider’s core set of talents, passions, and strengths in order to give them a structured path to mastery in their chosen modality. SPP provides a systemized, skill-based career path within the spa industry to take professionals from apprentice level to mastery in their chosen specialty.

What is the structure?

There are five levels within the SPP: Apprentice, Associate, Specialist, Expert, and Master.

When an employee joins the team, they are evaluated for placement within the five tiers. They are then given specific educational goals, mentoring to further their professional development, and the resources to help them advance within the program.

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