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What is Hungarian Wellness Mud?

There are few countries in the world with such rich spa traditions as Hungary. Hungary’s geography thrives with medicinal thermal waters and mineral material. This is due to the special geological nature of the Carpathian Basin. Hungarian Wellness Mud is used in medicinal spas across Hungary for a wide variety of health problems including chronic degenerative diseases of the joints and the spine, rheumatic and muscular pains, sports-related injuries, fibrositis syndrome, chronic joint inflammations and gynecological inflammations.

Hungarian Wellness Mud has proved to be extremely effective for today’s needed detoxification, cellulite, cell renewal, deep skin cleansing and stress management therapies. The results from using Hungarian Wellness Mud in heated body wrap therapy have proven to be astounding. Using Hungarian Wellness Mud as a facial masque has shown to improve the skin cells’ metabolism, gently soothe skin irritations, and add a refreshing look to dull-paled skin. Hungarian Wellness Mud promotes firmness and strength to body tissues, deeply penetrates the tissues and is effective as an anti-aging treatment by helping maintain the elasticity of the skin.

What does it look and feel like?

When the sun dried mud is mixed with water, it creates an odorless, silky application paste with a stunning rich green color. The mud is textured and has a light-weight feel on the skin. With a variety of customizable options, the mud is extremely versatile in its application. It can be used in cooling or heat-based treatments.

What are the benefits of HWM?

Hungarian Wellness Mud has a remarkable thermal property enabling the mud to retain heat for extended periods of time. By considerably increasing blood flow to specific areas, this heat retaining property is extremely beneficial at aiding the healing process. It also contains Iron and Sulfur which have the profound effect of stimulating blood circulation in both deep and superficial tissue layers.

For example, using this mud in a wrap treatment provides high quantities of Silicon Dioxide, which is found in Collagen, and promotes firmness and strength in the tissues. This helps smooth the surface of the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Can I use the mud at home?

Because the mud dissolves very quickly in water it can be used effectively within Hydrotherapy treatment and a home-care bathing regime. It can also be used as a facial or body masque to firm and detoxify the skin. Used as a spot treatment, it can reduce inflammation and redness. The mud can also help to heal acnes breakouts and ingrown hairs.

What services use the HWM?

Our far infrared body wrap combines the healing benefits of Hungarian Wellness Mud and Far Infrared Technology to firm, purify, and rejuvenate the skin. We also include this mud in our facial treatments.

Because of the anti-inflammatory properties, application of this mud is included in select sugaring post-care treatments. This minimizes the activation of pain sensitive nerve endings, which can assist in reducing histamine reactions.

What does the HWM contain?

This is a partial list of some of the minerals contained within the Hungarian Wellness Mud. The list below explains some functions of these minerals and how a deficiency in these areas affects the body.

Calcium (Ca)
• Aids in bone formation, blood clotting, nerve and muscle contraction.
• Bone degeneration, nerve and muscle malfunctions (contracture).
Chloride (Cl)
• Aids in stomach acid production, acid-base balance in body.
• Acid-Base Imbalance.
Iron (Fe)
• Aids in production of red blood cells.
• Fatigue and Anemia.
Magnesium (Mg)
• Assists enzymes in body.
• Nerve disorders, blood vessel dilation, heart rhythm problems.
• Protects arterial lining.
• Helps bone formation, carbohydrate and mineral metabolism.
Manganese (Mn)
• Assists enzymes.
• Muscle and nerve disorders.
• Necessary for bone growth and for reproduction.
• Used in formation of cartilage and synovial fluid of joints.
• Necessary for the synthesis of bone tissue.
Phosphorous (P)
• Aids in bone formation, used to make ATP (Energy), DNA,
RNA, and phospholipids in body.
• Bone degeneration and metabolic problems.
Potassium (K)
• Aids muscle and nerve function.
• Muscle weakness, heart problems, nerve problems.
• Necessary for a healthy nervous system.
• Maintains stable blood pressure and transmission of electro-chemical.
Sodium (Na)
• Aids in fluid balance and muscle/nerve function.
• Weakness and digestion problems.
Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)
• Assists with assimilation of nutrients, provides strength to bones, skin, nails, holds temperatures and good electrical conductivity.
• Fatigue, pale skin color, thin, brittle nails and hair, extremities feel cold & clammy, chills.
Aluminum Oxide
• Production of hemoglobin and myoglobin.
• Oxygenation of red blood cells.

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