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Smooth, Firm Skin All Over

At Seattle Sugar Spa we believe that every part of your body should receive the love and attention each area deserves. We encourage our clients to treat their body as a whole system and not just focus solely on their face. Our philosophy around skin health is holistic in nature. We believe the rewards of a healthy glow come from complete care of the body.

Far Infra-Red Wrap

Enjoy a full body application of the your choice of 4 luxurious body masques, then become cocooned in our heated Far Infrared blanket. Two treatments in one, you will receive the healing benefits of your chosen masque for your skin, and the far infrared technology for your tissues. Choose from Detoxing, Firming, Calming or Hydrating.  Once the skin is cleansed of the product, you’ll experience a restorative lotion application leaving the skin firm and hydrated. Not recommended for individuals who are or might be pregnant, have heart conditions, or are claustrophobic.

Salt Glow

This head to toe body scrub treatment uses natural, unprocessed Dead Sea Salts, full of rich minerals that promote healing. This restorative exfoliating treatment improves ingrown hair problems, treats body blemishes, and improves skin texture. It is rich in natural minerals and rejuvenates the entire body to leave skin silky smooth.

Leg Glow

All the benefits of the full body salt glow focused solely on the legs.

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